FaceApp Pro Mod Apk v12.0.0.2 (Pro Unlocked, No Watermark)

FaceApp pro mod apk photo editing app is the solution to all your problems. This pro apk version provides you many fabulous filters and you can edit your facial expressions with no watermark. Moreover, you can also change your picture background, your age, style of your hair and most excitingly even change your gender. This mod apk app can edit your picture on the next level and the AI feature in this application makes your photo according to your desires.



84 MB


25 June, 2024


Android 8.0



Mod Info


We are always in search of a photo editing app which has premium unlocked features free of cost. In official versions of these apps we provide a free trial version for a limited time period and limited features then we have been asked to pay after the expiry date. Most of the mod apk apps in the market are not AI integrated and also not using advanced technologies.

  • Free of Cost Premium features
  • AI in Photo editing
  • Photo editing application
  • Gender Change
faceappmod apk screenshot

You can download FaceApp pro mod apk with all premium unlocked features for your android. This mod apk latest version is free to download and easy to use. This pro free app makes your ordinary picture to professional ones.

  • For android
  • Professional look
  • Best Filters
faceapp screenshot

App Description

FaceApp pro mod apk is the most popular selfie editor that gives you AI filters, best backgrounds and effects. Now you can see selfie magic with just one tap. If you have no time to dress up and make up and you have to post your selfie or share your selfie to some loved ones, you can use make up filters. If your background is not attractive while taking your selfie then you can also change your image background.

  • Popular Selfie Editor
  • Best Photo Background Changer
  • Best Makeup filters
faceapp pro mod apk screenshot

Sometimes we want to look differently, but, in reality it is not easy to do this. As if, I want to know how I look in old age. It can be checked by using this app. If I want to change my hair styles, it would take months or even years to check this. But through this app I can change my hair styles immediately and check which one suits me.

  • Age changer
  • Best Hair style
  • No Watermark
faceapp screenshot

This app also gives you a feature of many fabolous beard and moustache styles. Now you can use this feature and your appearance will be completely changed.

Analysis of FaceApp Pro Mod Apk

FaceApp pro mod apk is the latest version of the same application. In this application the intent will not be changed. In this mod apk all the premium features are free and unlocked. This is a modified version of the original application and it is free to download from this website. 

  • Latest version
  • Premium Features
  • Free and Unlocked
faceapp pro mod apk

This application offers you many tools that will help you to change your appearance. This app is also safe and secure to download. People are loving this app and the users of this app are increasing day by day due its pro features.

  • Change your appearance
  • Safe and Secure
  • Pro Features
faceapp screenshot

App Stunning Features

In this latest version of faceapp pro mod apk, all the unlocked premium features are available for users without paying any subscription. Now, users can use these premium features to edit their photos.

FaceApp mod Apk

Unlimited Filters

In this Faceapp pro mod apk user can enjoy as many filters as he wants. The number of filters has been increased in the latest version. Now people make their photos more attractive and surprising. This app gives you many stunning and trending makeup filters.

No Watermark

Many people are irritated when they find watermarks on their selfies. Without the watermark photo feature is usually provided by the premium version. But this modified apk version of the application gives you without watermark selfies. Now you can enjoy taking photos without watermark with this mod application.

faceapp mod apk
Faceapp mod apk

Age Changer

In the world of AI, now it is possible to change your age in pictures. FaceApp pro mod apk has an exciting feature of age changer and to make you more young. If you want to look older then this app will stun you. Most other apps don’t have this feature.

Hollywood Filters

Hollywood actors and actresses’ appearances always attract people. If you want to look like them then this app will provide you with many premium Hollywood filters without any cost.

faceapp mod apk
faceapp mod apk

Beard and Mustache

If a person has a clean shave, he wants to know how I am looking with a beard and mustache. This app gives you a feature to have a beard and mustache on your face. People love this feature.

Change Background

Background changer is an important feature of this mod apk. If you do not like the current background of your photo then FaceApp gives you many options to beautify your background.

faceapp pro mod apk
FaceApp pro mod apk

Change Facial Expression

Most of the time we click photos and everything is perfect in them except our facial expression or people usually want to change their expressions according to the situation. FaceApp pro mod apk will change your facial expression according to your demands.

Gender Change

This mod apk gives you an advanced option to swap your gender. Now you can see, if you are a boy then how you look as a girl. If you are a girl then how you look as a boy. 

Faceapp pro mod apk
Faceapp pro mod apk

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

In this app people can edit their pictures by using AI features. AI revolutionized technology in this era. FaceApp gives you more AI integrated features that will be helpful while editing your pictures.

Swap Faces with Friends

If you want to have fun with your friends, then you have chosen the right app. Now you can use FaceApp and swap faces with your friend and make them laugh.

faceapp pro mod apk
faceapp pro mod apk

AI Generated Future Kids

Sometimes we think about what our future kids look like. Here FaceApp solved this problem. Now you can see your AI generated face of your future kids. This feature surprises people and they like it.

Borrow Other Photos Style

Most of the time we don’t like the picture style in our random selfies. FaceApp solves the problem and we can now borrow our favorite style from others’ pictures.

faceApp pro mod apk
faceapp pro mod apk

Try Weight Filters: Get Bigger or Smaller

This mod apk has another interesting feature to make you bigger than actual size. If you want to look smaller, then you can easily edit your picture through this app.

Put Your Face in a Famous Movie Scene

Faceapp provides you with the most interesting features. Now you can adjust your face in your favorite movie scene or music video. You just have to take a selfie and you become a hero.

faceapp pro mod apk
faceapp pro mod apk

Perfect Look

FaceApp mod apk gives you all premium features for your perfect look. You can edit your face, eyes, nose, chin, forehead, ears, lips and much more.

Change Hair Color and Style

FaceApp has another surprising feature that is changing your hair color and style. This app gives you many color shades and styles to look more beautiful and different. It is very surprising for people to look at a new hairstyle.

faceapp pro mod apk
faceapp pro mod apk

Remove Acne and Blemish

No one likes acne or blemishes on their face. These problems can spoil the personality of a person. Faceapp also gives you a stunning feature to remove your acne and blemish and make you beautiful.

Use Creative Light Effects

For every picture lighting is the most important and crucial part. It is not easy to get enough and perfect light for your picture. FaceApp light effects feature solves this problem. Now you can adjust your picture light effects and make it more attractive.

faceapp pro mod apk
faceapp pro mod apk

Try Out the Color Lens

It is said, beauty lies in the eyes. For this purpose, FaceApp gives you multiple color lenses. Now you can edit your eyes color and adjust them to a different beautiful color lens. 

Friendly User Interface

If people don’t know how to edit the picture then it is no longer a big problem now, because FaceApp mod apk has a very simple and friendly user interface. You can easily import your pictures and edit them without any complicated steps. It is not only easy to edit but also fast to give results.

faceapp pro mod apk
faceapp pro mod apk

Advanced Tools

Latest updated version of FaceApp mod apk has many advanced tools which can make your picture incredible. Moreover, this app is fully optimized.


This app is created for android users. If you want to get the best results it is recommended to capture pictures from the best camera. If you take pictures on your mobile then it is suggested to choose the best ones.

How to Install FaceApp Pro Mod Apk

FaceApp with premium features and the most stunning app is available free of cost. You can download and install by following the given steps.

  1. Click the download button on our website
  2. Now press the Install button
  3. After that a notification appears on your mobile screen.
  4. Then click the YES button.
  5. Then a file begins to download on your mobile phone. It may take some time.
  6. When the required file is downloaded, open ‘file manager’ and open the downloaded file.
  7. If you have any problem while installing the app then you have to change some settings on your mobile phone.
  8. Go to Settings, and Open the security section on your mobile phone and activate all the ‘unknown sources’.
  9. Now again, download the FaceApp mod apk app from this site and install it.
  10. After the installation, enjoy the premium features of the app.

FaceApp pro mod apk is the most famous app in the globe. This mod apk has all the pro features which people enjoy free of cost. It has many premium filters and people can use it. The older versions of FaceApp pro mod apk is also available here.


Sometime Faceapp mod apk is not working properly or keep crashing on your phone. There are multiple reasons for this. Try to install the latest version of FaceApp mod apk. Check the important updates of update your app if necessary. After updating restart your phone.

FaceApp is the modified version of original app. It has more premium unlocked features that is free. This mod apk app is completely safe to install and use.

First open FaceApp on your android phone. Then choose the image you want to edit or take the new photo here. After that, you will get editing option at the bottom of your screen and swipe left to see your editing tools. Tap the gender change effect to change your gender and download.