FaceApp for iPhone

Mobile apps that enhance the beauty of your selfie are very popular in the market. FaceApp is one of the most popular photo editing apps in the market. This app has become the sensation of millions of people. Till now more than 500 million users have downloaded this app. FaceApp for iPhone/ios users is also available now.

faceapp for iphone

FaceApp Features

FaceApp customises your picture with stunning filters. People can have fun with multiple features. They can add a beard and mustache of different style in their picture and choose the one which suits them best.

  1. Hair Color: Hair is the most integral part of a beautiful picture. FaceApp gives you many hair color shades. You can adjust your hair color by just a single tap. The updated version of FaceApp gives you many latest hair styles which make you more attractive. Another exciting feature of FaceApp is to adjust your hair volume. Increasing or decreasing the hair volume is a popular styling technique nowadays. 
  2. Make Up: Now people can experience the transformative power of FaceApp’s trendy full makeup feature. This filter is designed to elevate your selfies with the latest and most fashionable looks.
  3. Light Effects: People can immerse their pictures in a world of enchantment with FaceApp’s Creative Light Effects. Light effects give your images a magic touch and allure the world. This app offers you a range of artistic illuminations, dynamic lighting scenarios, adjustable intensity, enhanced portraits, magical atmospheres and much more.
  4. Acne Removal: Say goodbye to acne marks, spots and imperfection with FaceApp’s powerful Remove Acne and Blemish feature. This feature is a game changer in the world of photo editing. its advanced feature ensures that the edited results maintain a natural appearance.
  5. Skin Smoothing: Turn back the hand of time and capture a more youthful version of yourself with FaceApp. The app can diminish the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, and signs of aging, allowing you to achieve a smoother, more young complexion in your pictures.
  6. Face Adjustment: FaceApp has a new and innovative feature that allows you to modify and sculpt your facial features. Whether you are looking to emphasise certain aspects for a bold and dramatic look or subtly refine your appearance, then FaceApp provides you with an intuitive and user-friendly way to customise your picture.
  7. Gender Swap: Now people can dive into the fascinating realm of self-discovery with FaceApp’s captivating ‘Gender Swap’ feature. This revolutionary app allows users to envision themselves with the physical characteristics typically associated with a different gender. Its advanced facial recognition technology ensures that the gender transformation appears realistic and believable.
  8. Morphing: Now people can step into the glamorous world of celebrity with FaceApp mesmerising ‘Morph with Celebrity’ feature. This feature allows you to blend your own photo with that of your favourite celebrity, creating a captivating hybrid image that sparks excitement and imagination. 
  9. Future Children: Another FaceApp’s feature that  employs advanced genetic fusion technology to seamlessly blend your facial features, offering a speculative vision of what your future children might look like. People are loving this feature.
  10. Borrow Style: Sometimes we want to borrow favourite styles from different pictures. FaceApp has versatile and transformative features that allows you to borrow and apply your favorite styles from different photos. Experience the magic of seamlessly blending artistic elements, patterns, and visual aesthetics, enabling you to create unique and captivating images that reflect your individual taste.

If you are looking for old versions of FaceApp you can download from this website.