FaceApp or Facetune: A Detailed Comparison

In the era of technology the importance of social media has been increased. Meanwhile the demand for photo editing apps has also been raised. We are always confused to choose the best photo editing app because now there are many photo editing apps in the market. Therefore, I am writing a comprehensive comparison article between two of the most popular photo editing apps. 

Features of FaceApp and Facetune


FaceApp is the most renowned photo editing app that is integrated with advanced AI technology. You can transform your image into a new appearance by using its features.

  • Age transformation: FaceApp helps you to change your age through AI features. If you are young then you can see how you look in old age. 
  • Gender Change: This feature of FaceApp allows you to change your gender in photos. So you can see yourself as the opposite gender.
  • Smile adjustment: You can make your picture more adorable by adjusting the smile. Even if you are not smiling in the picture then you can add a smile in the original picture.
  • Hairstyles and Colors: Faceapp has a variety of hairstyles and hair colours to experiment with different looks.
  • Makeup: This app provides you to apply makeup on your photo and enhance your facial features with a professional touch.


Facetune is another prominent photo editing app that is recognized for its comprehensive suite of photo editing tools. The primary purpose of this app is retouching and perfecting portraits.

  • Skin smoothing: Facetune allows its users to smooth their skin by applying this feature. You can remove wrinkles, blemishes and dark circles.
  • Teeth Whitening: This app enhances the color of your teeth. It can remove stains and discoloration. You can brighten your teeth more now by using this feature.
  • Eye Enhancement: Facetune helps its users to enhance the size of their eye. People can also change the color of their eye lens.
  • Reshape: This feature allows the people to adjust the face size to look more beautiful.
  • Filters and Effects: Facetune offers a variety of filters and effects to enhance the appearance of your picture.

Ease to Use


FaceApp prides itself on ease of use, leveraging its AI capabilities to make photo editing effortless. The interface of this app is clean and organised. You can access all main features from the main screen. Personally, I like the interface of FaceApp due to quick and impressive results without wasting much time. 


Facetune is designed to be user friendly, even for those who are not technically good. The interface of this app is clear and instructions are well written. Each tool is easy to find and the editing process is generally smooth and quick.



The basic version of faceapp is free with limited features. Watermark is also placed on the editing photos. To get unlimited features and remove these limitations you have to activate the pro plan of this app.

Monthly Subscription: Approximately $4.99 per month.

Annual Subscription: Around $29.99 per year.

Lifetime Access: A one time fee of about $89.99 for unlimited access.

FaceApp’s pricing is slightly more affordable compared to Facetune, especially for those considering the annual subscription.


Facetune also offers a free version with limited access. If you want to enjoy all the features of this app then you have to take a subscription as follows.

Monthly Subscription: Approximately $5.99 per month.

Annual Subscription: Around $35.99 per year.

One-time Purchase: A one time fee of about $70 for unlimited access.

The Pricing may seem steep, but it includes regular updates and access to all premium features.


Facetune and FaceApp serve different purposes and cater to different user needs. FaceApp is more suited for users who enjoy experimenting with fun and transformative features. Its AI capabilities enable dramatic changes, such as aging effects and gender swaps, providing a unique and entertaining editing experience.

On the other hand, Facetune is best for those looking to make precise, professional-grade edits to enhance their selfies and portraits. It offers a wide range of tools that allow for meticulous adjustments, making it a favourite among influencers and photography enthusiasts.

Ultimately, the choice between FaceApp and Facetune depends on what you’re looking to achieve with your photo edits. If you want detailed retouching and a polished look, Facetune is the way to go. If you prefer quick, transformative edits for fun and social sharing, FaceApp is the better choice. Both apps have their strengths and can significantly enhance your photos and make them worthy additions to your digital toolkit.

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