How to Delete Your Data on FaceApp Server

FaceApp is the most popular app and gaining acclaim form the worldwide users. The reason behind this commendation is its stunning features. The most popular feature of FaceApp is age changer. Look, great?  Instead of features, many people are concerned about the data the FaceApp saves.   

Now the question raises, if FaceApp retains users’ images, does it go against its own policies? According to their rules and terms of service, FaceApp has a licence to utilise their users data for commercial purposes. This data includes images, names, likenesses by users. FaceApp reserves the right to store data even after it is removed from the application, citing “ certain legal obligations” as the reason for such retention.

According to the facts gathered from the users, 25% of FaceApp users are worried about their data gathered by the app, because FaceApp retains data for an undetermined time period. Additionally, the app’s privacy policy specifies that all collected information may be transferred and stored in countries where the company and its affiliates operate.

Furthermore, some Faceapp users have observed an issue on the iOS platform where the app can access images despite being blocked from doing so.

How did FaceApp Management Respond?

Initially, FaceApp management claimed that they emphasised their reliance on cloud based photo processing. They assured that only the selected images by the users are uploaded on the cloud and never upload any other image on the cloud from the device.

Furthermore, they elaborated on the rationale behind storing uploaded images in the cloud. Actually they aim to prevent users from repeatedly uploading the same photo for each editing operation. They claimed that most of the images are purged from their servers within 48 hours of being uploaded. However, the stance appears to conflict with the company’s own privacy policy. 

How to Request Deletion of Uploaded Photos and Data in FaceApp

For those people who are conscious about data storage by the company, there is an option to request FaceApp to delete their photos and data. FaceApp accepts the deletion request for all photos and data. Their customer support team is overloaded by these requests, but all the requests are prioritised. They advised their customers to send the request in the following format “Settings->Support->Report a bug” with the word “privacy” in the subject line. 

Since most of the FaceApp features are accessible without requiring users to login. Therefore, FaceApp claimed that most of the time they don’t have access to customers’ personal data. Furthermore, they assert that they neither share nor sell information with any third parties.

In conclusion, FaceApp claims and addresses a common problem about uploading all pictures from a user’s gallery. They clarify that only one selected photo for editing is uploaded to their servers.

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